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 When you use, you understand and acknowledge that it is strictly informational in nature.
We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, endorse or recommend specific clients, or accept responsibility or liability for any events arising from the use of this service.
We do our very best to determine which profiles submitted are worthwhile, and which may be roommate scammers. However, it is not humanly possibly to absolutely guarantee 100% accuracy in this endeavor via an internet service.
The information we provide is certainly intended to assist you. However, as with most things in life, the ultimate decision and consequences are up to you.
 By using, you fully understand and assume all responsibility for your final roommate choice and decision. is in no way responsible for consequences or  negative outcome of a roommate choice.
Please conduct yourself with normal caution and good common sense, in this and in the rest of your endeavors. GOOD LUCK!

Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Statement

1. We will not sell, share, or rent your information.
Any information will only be used for the purpose of roommate matching via this service. It will not be shared, sold, or rented to anyone outside of under any circumstances. The only people that will EVER have access to any information you provide will be other roommate searchers, and only for the duration of your search.
2. Your personal information will NEVER be stored online.
Unscrupulous marketers use programs ("spiders") to ferret out personal information. NONE of your personal information will ever be available online as a result of, it's all transmitted to us privately  via phone then stored OFFline. Businesses that post your personal information online expose you to spam and/or other unwanted contact. Even if your info is behind a "password-protected" area, the "spiders" are usually one step ahead of those attempted protections.
3. We don't use "affiliates" to promote ourselves.
With "affiliate" marketing you're dealing with unrelated people marketing the same service. This often results in unscrupulous (spam) marketing by the affiliates, who can be less committed to the parent site's stated privacy rules.
4. We exist to help you find a roommate, nothing else.
We are all about roommates. You won't get advertisements from us for any other service. You'll hear from us when you have a roommate match or in response to a question you submitted regarding roommate matching, only for the duration of your search, and not ever for any other reason. We also won't be contacting you or soliciting you regarding "partner" offers or sites or anything of that nature.
Do you do any formal credit or other background checks? No.
YOU can always pursue a credit check on a potential roommate independently.
However, in order to do that PROPERLY, you'd need that person's Social Security Number and their permission to use it, and pay about $50-100.
Obviously the fee for our site doesn't cover that, nor do we collect Social Security Numbers.
What agencies are available would depend on where you live; you can probably find plenty in your local Yellow Pages or online equivalent. is not in a position to recommend or endorse any credit checking agency, but if this is something that interests you, it should be pretty easy to find one.
A few "fly by night" agencies will tell you they can do a reliable check using only a phone number, full name, or place of employment. That's NOT going to be an accurate or complete credit check.
Many people opt to do a less formal but still quite effective local reference check, possibly involving current employment and/or previous roommates and/or landlords. That and your personal instincts are probably more effective that you realize. Our questionnaire covers a lot, but we recommend using that to narrow down who you want to meet with in person. We still don't recommend moving in with someone before spending a little time with them in person first.




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